Scared I might’ve had a chemical...

Cora • Girl Mom | Irish Twins

Long story short: we did the do in the golden week. Two weeks later, I tested and swore I saw the faintest line. Twice. On two tests. Two different tests. I even asked on here and some said they saw a line. Then my period was one day late. When it came, it was only 3 days. Heavy the second day but then tapered off. No clots. But the cramps were horrible. I had diarrhea prior to my period starting and I’ve thrown up a few times. I still have diarrhea and just tummy issues. The cramps hurt so much they were radiating down into my legs.

I’m just scared that maybe I had a chemical pregnancy. I already have two kids. Timing isn’t right to have our third right now. But it just makes me wonder what went on inside me. 😥