😔 broke my heart..


Hey girls

So I’ve been really sad and hurt these past couple of days.

My husband told one of his friends(a lady) that he “fucked up having kids with me and is only with me because we have kids together”

So I confronted him about it and asked him if that’s really how he felt (we hada conversation prior to this about our relationship and how we didn’t want any step dad/mom raising our kids and I told him I didn’t want him hanging out with other women alone and he said I was being sexist cause they’re his friends which I don’t think it’s sexist because why does a man need to hang out alone with a women that is not his wife? I told him his friends are now our friends. Anyways he said sorry and that he does want to be with me and work it out. And the next day is when I was looking through his Snapchat messages and saw that he wrote that to his friend 2 days before. ) anyways so I confronted him about it and he said really we already talked about this and then he said I’m gna get you pregnant just cause u keep asking me if this is true. He said sometimes I make him feel like that and so I told him sometimes he makes me feel like that to but I don’t go telling my guy friends that and he said it’s cause he “has no one to talk to” so I told him well you have me to talk to and next time you feel like this you need to tell me not tell some other woman this. Anyways it just really broke my heart seeing it written in words and I’ve just been wanting to cry every single day but I don’t cry in front of him I just keep my tears back but I just can’t get over it :/

Anyways I just wanted to let that out because ido where else to talk about this.

I really love him but he makes me really sad often.

Also he has guy friends so why can’t he talk to them about his problems..

And idc if anyone thinks it’s not right to go through my husbands phone we are married I can look through his phone if I want to and he can look through mine as I have nothing to hide.