Breakup Help

Sorry in advance for the super long message

My ex and I broke up in early September of 2018 bc I was stressed with school and didnt want a relationship. We stopped talking for a month and I did fine until he tected me and I didnt push him away. We stayed friends and talked everyday and whenever we didnt want to talk we told each other a max of 3 days. Mid October came and long story short I had classes and couldnt send a pic so we both caught attitudes.

That arguement resulted in us no longer talking for like a good month and him also not telling me it was too soon to talk. During that break he got an fwb and I was kinda sad but happy he was moving on bc I was a bit complicated in the relationship. He was with her until the beginning of Decemeber and ended up "falling in love" with( I add the quatation marks bc he just kind of jumps and doesnt seem to actually know the person but thats just how I feel obviously). Even while he was with her we talked everyday and got along well and hungout platonic before christmas. Before we hungout he sent a picture of the girl which really upset me bc I didnt ask. I forgave and forgot and just helped him through his breakup after. We sorta talked about getting together in january once he was over her but the pic situation made it clear I wouldn't be ready for that emotionally and accidently insulting our times we were together.

January we still talked everyday and do morning texts. We always talked and gave each other advice on everything even relationships. I always told him to get to know the girls first so he isnt dealing with constant heartbreak. Mid January he matched with a girl he had a crush on a few years ago and decided then he wanted it to be ling term. I was happy for him but I also didnt think it would last and possibly end in a marriage until he mentioned it. He had the bright idea to send a picture of her as well which has destroyed me. I tried being cool about it all and the numerous times he's mention her but seeing the pic felt like he just threw a grenade my way and said F you. As soon as they started dating he stopped texting me unless I texted first and that went on for weeks. I got fed up with it bc it really freaked me up and I told him I wouldn't text anymore.

He no longer texts me like before(not even talking sexually) responses were shorter and seemed to lack the usually vibe that pur convos held. I just want him to talk to me like a friend and a human who invested actual feelings into him) He waited a month and texted me and the convo quickly lead to his gf and I burst out at him. I apologized and explained I didn't want to know about her for now and he saud it was fine.

We talked but it still lacked how we used to talk and he started leaving me on read and not texting for days. He said he did that with his friends and family but even while him and I were friends he never left me on read espicially not for days and weeks he even reads it right after it's sent. A few days ago I send a message about my dream right after we discussed the whole read thing and he reads it like an hour later but doesnt respond. 4 days after that I decided I cant spend my summer like this and also realized I may still love him. First before I sent my ling goodbye text I wanted to know about somethings in his life like his relative who's sick and judo and his future goals(the usual) along with a playlists(bc we always send songs to each other) I sent it at 6 he read it at 8. I wasnt too worried about him responding bc he could have work but even hours after work still nothing which has sadly become the norm now. I'm trying not to come off as the crazy ex but the amount of time and friendship we had before the recent gf seems to have just been flicked off his shoulder without a care in the world and he says he cares but no action proves it when he ignores me. I aksed if it's weird or doesn't want to talk he says he enjoys talking. I waited until 12 am and sent my message that I do still have feelings and it's best we dont talk at least not until I start school again. He reads it right after I sent it and responds in 2 minutes. Response was simple and kind of dead ended just "Okay, if you feel that way. I want you to do what is best for you. Don't worry too much about how I feel. Sometimes being selfish is good. I admit I will be sad, but I will get over it. I hope you find yourself; life will workout eventually, you just have to keep working on it. You are stronger than you realize. " like what you had a chance to respind to that no problem at all and didnt even bother giving any feelings about what I talked about friendship wise(I like to connect with my friends either by hanging out or talking on the phone) nothing.

We started dating when I was 18 and he was 24. We leaned on each other a lot wven when upset and after the breakup but now I just feel hurt and kicked to the curb when he sorta reconnected with her. I get he doesnt have feelings for me anymore but talk to me like a friend not some charity case(I've been dealing with some anxiety and a little depression) he even had a rough patch and a few attempts so it was easy to talk to him when I felt down. He was also my first everything(kiss sexual experiences and love) if that helps


1. Do I have a right to feel upset that he isn't communicating at all like before or am I just be a crazy ex?

2. Any advice on how I should further handle the situation(I did confrint him about the reads and waiting messages...nothing so far)

3. Also any advice on how to finish getting over him?( I'm fine somedays and I've been hanging out with friends and a new guy lately even a possible fwb even been dating since december)

4. Any other sort of advice or comments are really appreciated bc this has been going on far too long

Thank you to whoever reads all of this I just needed to vent as well

Edit: Thanks for your quick responses. Not sure if it makes a difference but we did agree to be friends after and was going great for a few months. Though I'm definitely going to stop and focus on myself more