Proposal and Moving In with SO

I know my boyfriend is going to propose to me thanks to my cousin spoiling it.. this will happen when he graduates college in the spring and I’ve been sort of preparing myself for the question, making a wedding Pinterest(super cliche I know), looking at apartments/houses to rent, etc. but I’m scared because I wanted to experience the world a little first before he pops the question. We’ve talked about what we would do if it were to happen and I know that we’d have a year or two to plan the wedding but also travel here and there. He’ll be 24 and I’ll be 23. We will have been together for three years on 11/21/2019. He does not have a job currently but is full time school. I work full time and am not in college.

I would just like any advice that anyone can give me about what I should do before, after, during, etc. please and thank you! Here’s a little cuteness for the advice!

(He and I both love corgis and plan to get one eventually)