40 days til delivery

Anyone else really really scared? After two losses I’ve made it to 34 weeks. I’m terrified not only to give birth but how my life will change. It would help if I had a more supportive husband but ever since I’ve been pregnant and gotten further along he’s grown more distant. He even seems afraid to touch me, no hugs, kisses, holding hands ... I don’t get it. Anyway I just worry if this is how it is now how on earth will it be after baby is here. All these questions are running through my head, will I be a good mom? What will it be like to have a newborn in my life especially since I’m

40 and this will be my first. Will I suffer from post partum

Depression. Just so much to think about. I’m excited don’t get me wrong, but also terrified out of my mind. Anyone having similar feelings as they approach due date?