No baby shower..

Diamond • Mommabear to Emma Nicole 4.15.14♡♡ twitter: diaamondmarie_

I’m currently 26 weeks& I’ve been seeing a lot of stories& posts about baby showers on some of the apps I use. I’m from North Carolina& all of my family& friends are there. I moved to Alabama in February where my fiancé’s family is& now I have no one. I can’t travel home JUST to have a baby shower bc the drive is 12+ hours& there is no one here to throw one for me or to invite to one if I throw one myself. My fiancé’s family is wonderful but it’s 90% males& they don’t have the funds to spend on something as trivial as a baby shower... With my daughter I had 2 baby showers so not being able to have one this time on top of not having anything for baby yet& being away from my people is making me feel alone& sad& unprepared.

Has anyone else gone through something like this? Am I upset for no reason?