Not taking depo anymore?


Hey everyone . Quick question. So I’m not going to get my next shot for the depo (11th-23rd) of July.. I’ve heard people get pregnant after getting off. Is that because they are trying to? Because there’s no way they are just getting pregnant out of nowhere. Is the sperm still sitting there?

- example. Some one who’s been on the depo.. but haven’t had sex like that and just didn’t go back for their shot, how is it possible for them to get pregnant even if they were using a condom

OR- someone like ME who’s on the depo. Have been having sex here and there with my BF and unprotected . But started using condoms starting NOW. Before my next shot date comes up (which I’m not going to go ) - for health reasons.

Lol I know from here on out I’m going to have protective sex with my BF until I get my tubes tied. But can someone please explain to me why are folks just getting pregnant like that after not going back for the depo shot?