Please help me beautiful ladies baby is just 2.1 kg at 35 weeks 4 days! My doctor got me panicking 😥


So I’m 35 weeks and 4 days and doctor said my baby is just weighing 2.1 kgs (4.63pounds) and he said it looks like baby is growing a week slower than her actual weeks and he said May be the blood supply / nutrients supply thru the placenta is slow and it happens in 20% pregnancies placenta blood supply slows down in the last month, my actual due date is July 28th and doctor says the maximum he could keep her in is until the 15th July ! Since she is not gaining enough and the baby should weigh at least 2.4 Kgs (5.291 pounds) by now so he thinks there is a problem .. anyone experienced similar pregnancies ? Or any good advise on what’s going on ? I’m thinking how the ultrasound weight is so accurate