Glucose test 😑

Amanda •

My doctor had to reschedule it from last week to today as she was out sick. Well....this morning was the day! I had a few bites of eggs (as I hate drinking anything on an empty stomach) aaaaaaaaand I threw it up less than a minute after finishing it....😑😑😑😑😑

So now I have to reschedule for a SECOND time.

Any tips for how to keep this down???

Next time they said they would schedule me later in the morning (like my original test day was scheduled for) so I can eat a little before hand. And I think they want me to drink it in the office...fingers crossed this helps. But MAN am I bummed I have to do this again! It didn't taste bad.. basically like lemon lime Gatorade (which I don't like. But it's not the worst)

UGH! 🙄