5 days late and BFN 🤪


So I’m 5 days late! Always have a regular 28 day cycle and sometimes get AF a day early.

Couple of questionable squinters of second lines (probably not even there)

Lower back pain

Lower tummy cramps for a few days now (usually I get one big sharp pain and bang AF is there)

Tired but that’s not unusual for me 😂

And loads of watery milky discharge (sorry tmi)

No other real signs of AF or pregnancy 🤰

Not writing this to say that I think I’m pregnant just literally writing it down so people can compare it if they’re going through the same thing.

I will update everyday for people wanting to follow this so they can see the outcome.

Ps I’ve never been this late before and I always used to be one of these women who would have a vfl at 9-10dpo.

Anyone who is late and wants to join me feel free to add your story below 👇🏽 we can do this together whatever the outcome. Sometimes it’s better to know you aren’t alone.

Picture for attention I know it’s BFN.

Baby dust to everyone 👶🏻 💫