Help😭 can I borrow y’all a eyes

I am 9DPO according to Flo. 7 according to glow. I was cramping two days before my predicted day with Glow and I’ve bought some ovulation test just to see (I’ve never used them before) and it was negative the day of glows predicted ovulation and the day after so I think I ovulated around flo’s date. I’m just so anxious. My husband and I have been trying to TTC for a couple of months now and I just feel like since it’s negative today I’m just out for this month. I know it sounds small minded but I had such a dark positive at 10 DPO with our daughter. I’m so discouraged.

I feel like I see a line on one test but that happened last month and it even dried with it so I’m thinking it was an indent line. And it’s not there now the test has dried. Does anybody see anything in the non-tweaked photos?


Not tweaked


Before 6minute Mark


My test with our daughter at 10DPO

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