idk man

okay so short bg info

i’m like 99% sure i’m bi/pan of whatever but idk. so i like this guy, blah, blah, blah. and i have his number and such but he’s not texting legit anyone anymore. anyway i still like him but whatever

so i just don’t know if i’m on ace spectrum or not?? yk how people like”fantasize” having sex with their crush, or a celeb or something? i literally can’t. like it’s impossible for me. so ghe guy i just mentioned, like i like, like him, but i can never imagine doing IT. or even with a celeb i think is attractive, like idk a jonas brother (lmao) for example. i mean they are attractive and all, i like them, but could never imagine it.

soooo what am i? i was thinking like biromantic or panromantic and asexual? but i mean queer is there too so idk. help ?