I don’t really know where to start but Me and my boyfriend have been together for 2 years we live together and I’m currently pregnant he has two daughters who live with us and I love them and consider them mine. Their 11 and 9 their mom gave up on them when the little one was 3 months left turned into drugs n never wanted anything to do with them so they don’t have much of a mother figure. Which I understand but it’s creating such conflict because especially the younger one is giving me such a hard time . She never listens calls me mean n cry’s like a baby all the time when I’m only trying to educate them . Me and my boyfriend are different he literally lets them do whatever they want. Let’s them spend the entire day on the laptop or ps4 which I don’t like that at all I don’t believe kids should spend that much time on that. If I tell them to clean the room it’s a problem if I tell them to go play outside it’s a problem my boyfriend doesn’t do anything about it except yell but then goes back to letting them do whatever. They don’t wanna eat anything besides fast food and my boyfriend lets them be picky. It’s just too much they talk back all the time with no punishment and it’s getting to me because that’s not the way I want to raise my daughters but maybe I don’t have a say in things because I’m not their mom but I don’t know what to do anymore please any advice??