Getting too wet

When I have sex with my boyfriend I get too wet. This has only been happening recently but it’s turning him away from sex it seems. Our relationship is completely normal otherwise but when we do have sex it’s like he can’t feel anything because it’s so wet. And I naturally am super tight so I’m not sure if somethings going wrong because I’m not extremely turned on when I’m “super wet” he even wipes it off on me and it’s a lot of Cm. Wondering if anyone else has this issue? And how to fix it. It’s only been 2 weeks but it’s killing my vibe for our relationship. Help

He becomes soft during sex when before he used to not be able to go fast or hard without cuming now he just goes fast and hard and can’t cum. And sometimes I can’t really feel it. so it’s not a good thing it’s not as pleasurable for us anymore.