The dinner party. 🥘 part 1

This is my first story so no judging. Thank you!

Hello, my name is Pam and my friends and I are going out to eat for her birthday. We are going to get hibachi. I get ready in some cute but comfy clothes and leave. Once I arrive I see the table already set and walk over to say happy birthday to her, we don’t fill the whole area so we have to share a table, I was on the edge and had to sit next to a boy around my age. I introduced myself, “hello I am Pam.” He says “Hey, I’m Payton nice to meet you.” We talk a little more until the chef comes out, “I’ll have hibachi shrimp please, I say. May I please have hibachi chicken, he orders.” We talk for a little more and exchange numbers, pay, and leave. When I got back to my friends house for a sleepover everyone kept teasing me about him. Later that night when everyone was asleep I text him, “Hey I know it’s late but maybe we can hangout sometime soon!

This is part 1, tell me if I should keep up with the story!