Do any other SAHM agree?

lisa • Mom of 1 girl👧, 3 boys👦🧒🧒 and one in heaven 👼 and now due march 2020 🤰with TWINS!!! #nosanityleft

Any other stay at home moms find it lonely? I have 4 kids 11,8,5,2 and been stay at home mom since 11 yr old was born she has many health issues that caused me unable to return to work and now my 2yr old has seziures and CP so definitely no returning work which is fine I love i can do all doctor appointments hospital stays, school functions etc but man it is lonely 5 dayd a week husband works 10 hour days and right 3 older kids are camp for summer to help with their therapy needs, so its just me and my 2 yr old who isnt exactly mr.conversation. anyone else get lonely?