Brown “rays” in eyes


Just wondering if anyone else’s LO’s have some weird stuff going on with their eyes! My daughter has a couple of brown ray-like shapes in her eyes that are otherwise getting a lot lighter. We actually got referred to the eye doctor and went today to just check in on everything! Baby girl had to have her eyes dilated (😩) but he said everything is benign! I was a little surprised to hear the word “benign” so I asked what it could have been if it wasn’t benign and he said melanoma! I was wondering why our doctor sent us off to an eye doctor for a little eye color issue but I’m glad we went and that everything seems normal for now. Now we’re just waiting to see if it’ll turn out to be sectoral heterochromia which would be pretty cool! Here’s a couple pics of what I’m talking about and one with her little dilation sunnies on leaving the doctor 😂😁