Anxious after fight with fiance

Hello ladies. So to start out I'm going to give you a background. I'm 20 and my finace is 21 and we have been together 3 years in November. I am 21+3 days pregnant with our rainbow baby. We lost our first baby back in November due to a mmc and a chemical in January. We are very excited to meet our child but his family is very overwhelming to me as they dont really like me. When we lost our first his family said it was for the better and that the baby was a mistake anyways (the mistake comment has been made about there other grandchildren's well that aren't ours). All of our children were planned and are loved. After we lost the baby they kicked me out of their home as they wanted their son home (I was there 3 months). He lived with me for almost two years as his dad threatened to kill his dog because he went on vacation with me. Our dog was a very old pug that was super attached to us. So he lived at his parents home following the first loss (we also had to put our pug down right before they kicked me out) for maybe two weeks before it became to much and he slowly moved back in with me (his family was super against sleepovers). So now he lives with my family again but we had a huge fight. This fight was because I needed help cleaning the cages I'm not allowed to touch due to the pregnancy (rats and guinea pigs). His family owns a business and they think every weekend he should be up there working his ass off for barely 8 dollars an hour (he has a full time job Monday through friday). So we fought and I got overwhelmed pretty quickly. I said he can go to court to fight for the baby because I have had it with the bullshit. I sent it before I could even think. I apologized afterwards but his parents found out as he was upset up at his family's shop. So they said not to worry that they would take the baby off me as they have the very best lawyers in town. Now we made up and I admitted I said something I shouldn't of but now I feel like they really already have everything lined up to take the baby off me. They want us to live in their home and pay rent so as his mom said she could watch me as I could be a harm to the baby if I get PPD. I get PPD but I dont trust them at all and I'm having a hard time trying to be okay with them just wanting the baby within their reach at all times. I dont have any lawyers to try to even get full custody of my child since I was just angry during the fight but I think I need to find some. I'm also upset as my fiances older brother and girlfriend live with his parents rent free for the last 2 years and they dont do anything to help his parents. My fiance has to jump when they say jump or they start making threats to stop helping him when times get rough and remove him from their family business. My fiance has had money taken from his savings account because he didnt get yardwork completely done to pay off a part he needed for his truck. His dad also took his truck to an auction and my fiance couldn't get it back home so he let it be auctioned (truck fully in his name) and when he went to go get the money his dad had already gotten it off the auction place to pay off a debt. When he confronted his family they said he wasnt entitled to any of the money the truck was sold for. I'm at a loss as to what to do. Should I be getting lawyers and what could I tell my fiance so he understands why I dont really want to stay there? I dont know what to do about the idea of rent either if I end up having to go there with the baby (my parents is to small for us to fit the baby). Any ideas on how to deal with this anxiety either. Please help ladies because I love my baby, I dont want to lose them all because I said something mean. I took parenting classes and everything to make sure I was ready for this baby. I'm so upset.