Aggressive letdown

Allison • Wife and dog mom 🐾💕 one baby in heaven 👼🏻 and Khloe Ann born 6/5/19 👶🏼🎀🌸

I have come to realize that I have a very aggressive let down when I nurse my daughter. She is 3 weeks old and recently has been spitting up after almost every feeding and is grunting and pulling in my nipples, unlatches but then cries and continues with hunger cues. She doesn’t seem satisfied and I can’t figure out how to help her.

Tonight I decided to pump before feeding her (she got a bottle this afternoon so I went a bit longer without nursing her) because I knew I had an increased supply and would most likely choke her if she tried to nurse. I’m worried that the milk I pumped isn’t quality.. will it be mostly foremilk instead of hind milk?

I have been nursing her on one side so that she can empty that breast but she falls asleep, I keep her on my chest so her tummy settles but as soon as I put her down on her lounger, she cries and acts hungry. I’m at a loss. I’m trying to nurse her laying back so she doesn’t get such a rush if milk. Any advice or tips/tricks? We got not sleep last night because of this and I’m worried tonight will be the same.