In laws staying with me in my small home. πŸ˜”

Ok I love my husband dearly and we have a great relationship. My in laws on the other hand are very strict conservative people. I am total opposite of who they are and to be honest my husband is too. Well one of the things I love about my husband is that he always so willing to help his parents in any time of need since he is the only son they have living here in the state. He has gone over at 4 am at a phone call to help his mother. My FIL has dementia now and literally hasn't said a word to me in 2 years. He doesnt talk much anymore but he makes me uncomfortable at family get togethers. Anyway my in laws pipes burst in January and now they are finally getting restoration done on the house. Insurance will cover the cost of the hotel but my husband had offered our home to them for the weekend.

I'm alittle frustrated and upset considering we both work full time jobs and now I am at home making sure my house is spotless at 845 in a work night. I have a 1 bathroom 3 bedroom ranch home with a finished basement. It is a small home but its enough forbmy husband and I and our 5 year old for now. Anyway my in laws love home cooked meals and all 3 meals of the day. I simply do t have the time to continously keep doing that. My home will feel crammed and uncomfortable. It was supposed to be this weekend only and now I found out tn it's not until Tuesday they will be leaving now. To make it even better my in laws will be coming to my house at 7 am tomorrow to kick start this weekend.

My mil is talking to me like I'll bring over meals and we can do this on thos night and this another. And sadly I dont want to devote my whole weekend to them. I see them once a weekend as is since they live 5 minutes from us. But i planned to take my daughter swimming at my parents tomorrow night. And I see them every Friday. They know this.

Maybe its just my hormones still fluctuating since I did have a d&c a month ago after my missed miscarriage and we've been ttc for so long and I'm sitting here wondering whe. My period will return or if I am pregnant again. Idk

I'm sorry i just have vent. Thank you for reading this far if you haveπŸ™‚

Am I being upset for nothing? My mil does watch our daughter 3 times a week while we are working during the summer so my husband feels we owe her. But he already does so much for them as it is even before taking care of our own home.