Is it possible? Symptoms STILL there!


Hey ladies.

My boyfriend and I aren’t “trying” because neither of us want the stress and disappointment. It’s more of a “if it happens, then that’s great” type of thing if that makes sense.

We had sex a few times during my fertile window and on my ovulation day. We had sex Wednesday night and in the middle of it, my lower back and abdomen really started to hurt. The only way I can think to describe the pain was like constipation, but I’m not constipated. I’ve pooped since then and it still feels off. It hurt but it was mostly uncomfortable. We had to stop because I couldn’t get comfortable. Ever since that night, my lower abdominal area has been uncomfortable and I’m not sure why, I can especially feel it when I walk. I have some other symptoms too but they’re a little stronger.

Yesterday, I got plenty of sleep and I was still pretty tired throughout the day I didn’t wanna do anything. We went to my grandmas to eat dinner for my birthday and last night when we got home and we’re having sex, I started feeling like I could puke. I was also spotting yesterday. Very little and it went away but it was enough for me to notice but not dark enough that I could distinguish what color it was. I’ve also been having headaches as soon as I wake up and sometimes they don’t go away till I go back to sleep that night. Maybe it’s just me being too hopeful or looking in to my symptoms too much, but let me know what you think ladies. I read online that some women get symptoms as early as 1 and a 1/2 weeks before their period is due. Thanks in advance ladies!


Symptoms are still there. Constipated feeling went away for the post part. Still nauseous and very tired. More spotting. Pink/light red. More of it today. Emotions and moods have also definitely been pretty off.

I still feel like I’m over looking these symptoms quite a bit and I may test in the morning or in a few days in I don’t get to feeling better or when my period is late.


Symptoms still there.

Constipated feeling went away completely so far. I’m still very tired and irritable. No spotting today. Nipples are still very very sore.


Constipated feeling went away for now.

Woke up this morning and felt absolutely awful. It was a hangover like feeling in my stomach but I haven’t drank since June 8th.

I feel very tired and irritated for no reason. This morning I woke up at six and was wide awake for a few minutes but went back to sleep pretty quick. My boobs are still super sore. I don’t see a difference in my nipples (color wise) other than their insanely sore. A little spotting today.

Took a test today and it was invalid (no lines showed up at all).

Should I test again in the morning?

Opinions in comments please!!

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