Nexplanon arm implant

Soo apparently this is the most effective birth control?

I'm afraid to put anything literally inside of my body, considered the IUD but the horror stories are.. horrible.

But I don't trust keeping up with the pill and I don't really want to go back to the doctor every few months for a shot because I honestly only go to the doctor if I'm dying.

So I want something that will last a while and this is three years right?

How does it affect your period? Mine is really heavy and lasts usually a full week..

And if gaining weight is like the highest side effect how does that work like. I have a high metabolism and I eat basically junkfood and chocolate every day xD

Does it just make you want to eat more or like slow your metabolism down?

Basically if you have the arm thing or know a lot about it can you answer a few of my questions or share your experiences