6/7 DPO

Casey • Mommy to 1 angel baby boy 4/29/12. TTC #1 after chemical pregnancy 2/18, 8/18, 8/19. Hoping for a miracle 👶🏻. Engaged to the most amazing man.

I'm 7 DPO today. Here's a little timeline of my current symptoms:

3/4 DPO: bad hip pain. Felt like I had been walking all day.

4-7 DPO: the fatigue is real. I feel like crashing around 6 PM.

6 DPO: what could be implantation spotting (picture below), light cramping.

7 DPO: period-like cramping, no bleeding. Still very early to be cramping.

What were your symptoms in your TWW? When did you get your positive?