Being a mom is hard


I’m a mom of 3 girls 6,5& 2 and just need to vent and ask for some a little advice. This week has been rough I’ve cried probably every day this week. I love my girls to death but I feel so worn out and need some advise. I stay home and take care of my girls. Dad comes home from work everyday around 6-7 never spends a full day with them there basically with me 24/7 sometimes I feel like a single mom and I suck it up because well I’m a stay at home mom he’s the bread winner and Right now my job are my girls. And I don’t mind there company I love my girls but I just wish I had like 15 min to my self without them yelling fighting and just being quiet for once. I feel like a bad mom for saying that. But man being a mom is hard. Today I went grocery shopping and honestly it’s hard shopping with kids they want everything can’t stay still, yelling at there top of there lungs fighting and people just staring giving you bad looks. Not knowing how you are feeling no one asking if your ok. I mean it’s not there job. But my point is never judge because you don’t know how that person feels or what they are going threw. My husband thinks I have it easy. I stay home don’t work. Yes I’m lucky in a lot of ways I’m grateful but what about me, what about moms who takes care of them. This week was rough for me I’ve had a ear ache almost all week. Husband didn’t even noticed asked how I was or nothing I’m learning to not depend on anyone. The only person that I can depend on is me. It’s a sad reality but it is what it is. I try hard being a good mom a good wife and just seems like it’s never enough. I know my girls will grow up one day and I’ll miss all of our adventures. But for now I just want to know that’s it’s ok to feel overwhelmed tired & even discouraged and that things will get better with time. I don’t want my girls to grow & but they will and all we will have is the memories build. So I hope they always remember the good times and not the moments when I snapped at them because of how stressed I was and how all I wanted was for someone to tell me things will be ok and that I’m doing a good job. I hope I’m not the only mom that feels this way. I feel like I’m loosing my mind and trying to think of ways to stay positive and sane and be the best mom I can be. Any kind advise is greatly appreciated. Just needed to vent..thanks for listening:)