Hey y’all, I posted this in a cheer specific group but it appears no one is active in there so please help me!!

(Also side note: my coach had me try basing today. I’m horrible at it, I don’t have the strength for it :( so idk what to do)

EDIT: ok y’all so I had to try basing again today because our main stunt coach wasn’t here and our other coach made me. I just simply can’t get it down. I wanted to try a cradle again but my coach wouldn’t let me. The stunt coach also doesn’t believe we need to use mats for cradles or preps and honestly I think a mat would make me feel so much safer. My plan right now is to go back to my old gymnastics gym and practice the cradle movement. Intensive week just ended and I have the entire month of July to practice so hopefully I’ll either get it down or I can just stick to dancing/cheering and won’t have to stunt at all. (Also small side note: is it weird that I don’t like stunting? Everyone else on my squad loves it, it honestly just stresses me out)