I am so angry

Gabriella • 🖤 ttc #2. Engaged 5/12/2019 💍 💕 Remington 👧🏼💕 01/26/2017

I come to you guys absolutely pissed 😤 off.

Sorry for the language, but the frustration within me is unreal.

I see constant pregnancy tests with positive lines, and Facebook posts about how someone is unexpectedly pregnant..... and here I am.

Throwing this huge pity party for myself every month for the past 13 months every 30 days on the dot!

Because for some reason my prayers haven’t been answered. “I do everything right.” My relationship with God is frustrating.

I’m overwhelmed.

The months that I just sit back and don’t chart and temp and whatever else nothing happens. The months I clock work the “what you’re supposed to do’s” nothing happens. I’m sorry for this unbelievably selfish post......

but.... damn

I’m so defeated 😑

I feel kinda better now