Baby shower from hell


All I can do is cry and the baby shower is this Saturday I’ll edit with an explanation but I just can’t stop crying rn I’m too upset to even vent about it rn please send sweet words. Can’t tell if it’s the stress and bullshit both sides of the families put me through or if it’s the 33 week hormones or a mix of both but I’m done. I’m done .

So now I’m done crying, my fiancé’s cousins asked to host our baby shower so we said yes.

When I told my Aunt (she’s like my mom) she said well I wanted to do your baby shower...She didn’t tell me or ask me and I felt bad. I asked my fiancé if my aunt could do it instead and he said no cuz his family was looking forward to hosting it..

Flash forward to 2 weeks before the shower..

I asked his cousin if he bought any decorations and he said “no sorry I can’t pay for anything cause hours got cut at work”...

So here we are two weeks before the shower with no one planning or paying. So of course who’s gonna be doing the running around? Me, the cranky, ready to pop pregnant lady... so I run around and find decorations and stuff for the shower and tried the “dollar store baby shower DIY”...

then I try to get people to RSVP (they knew for months) and my Aunt (a different Aunt.) planned her vacation the same day as my shower, she has the whole next week off as well. My brother who I never see, he lives out of town (yes it’s coed shower) I only got to see for ONE day cause he couldn’t stay for the shower. My sister came in for a week and said she would hang out with me blew me off so yeah I’m gonna be pissed so I got short tempered cause I’m stressed out and mad my family isn’t coming, so she messages me tonight and says she’s not coming to my baby shower anymore cause “she dosnt wanna upset me” but that would seriously upset me so much...

his family is Mexican and mine is white so our food tastes aren’t the same and we can’t afford catering, so he 𝘍amily is making Mexican food and I had to buy my aunt (the one like my mom) all the Ingredients for mostccoli even though it’s for her daughters who are vegetarian so I don’t see why I had to pay for it. I also had to run around the store and get the ingredients.

The decorations didnt come out how I wanted. And I’m just done. I wanted my shower at a freaking hall with catering and looking elegant but it’s in the freaking ghetto of Chicago in a back yard and I just can’t. I wanna cancel the shower so badly. There’s so much more to it too.. we had rented our tables and chairs from a lady and his mom made us cancel cause she found someone to do tables chairs and a tent. Then she wanted to cancel the party and have it at her house. Told her side of the family the party starts at 4 when it starts at 2. I DONT know what food or how much food will be there, i don’t know how many people will show up. And it’s not fair to me that I won’t have my brother or sister at my baby shower or my mom cause she past away so no one from my blood will be there and it breaks my heart and pisses me off cause I’d never do that to them!

This is my first baby. So yeah.

My fiancé just gets to sit and play video games with some hoe and his cousin all day while I have to plan and stress over all this stupid crap. I don’t want a baby shower anymore. I really don’t. I would say I’m greatful, but I’m not. I’m not happy. This is supposed to be perfect. I’m just stressed out and i don’t want my shower anymore I don’t care about the presents, we could have bought our daughter everything she needed with the money we spent on this ghetto shower