😔 probably out again

Anyone else just feel like if you miss BDing on O day then you might as well count yourself out?

Everyone says “The days leading up to O are the best days” but my mind always goes to “If they are in there longer than 24 hours then they’ve died” or i have some terribly acidic vagina that instantly kills his sperm.

Husband works an odd schedule and it always seems like he’s too tired or just isn’t in the mood. I don’t even tell him when I’m ovulating anymore because it’s like he gets performance anxiety and won’t finish.

The closest we get to having sex near ovulation is 2 days before, one day, if we are really lucky.

I’m starting to think if I don’t have sex the day of O then I’m just not going to be pregnant that month.

I’ve missed it again because the day was just too busy to squeeze it in and my husband has to sleep for work in the morning. And he is NOT the type you wake up for anything other than an emergency. He will even push me off if I try to wake him with a BJ so nothing makes him angrier than being woken from sleep.

Anyway, we only did it the 25th. I ovulated the 27th. Feel like I’m out 😔 here’s to another month.