How do you attract someone to come and talk to you? 💘

This is something I’ve always wanted to know. I’m not the person that likes do make the first move. I like it when guys come to me first, but this rarely happens to me.

I don’t feel thaaaat unattractive. I mean, I’m always called cute and pretty and sweet and even that I could have been a model by friends, so I guess I’m an approachable person physically.

Most guys I’ve liked before are not that attractive, but I like them because of their personality and who they are. I’m wondering, if a guy feels unworthy for you, whereas you like them a lot, are there any ways to make them approach just by body language (ie. If you’re in the same place)?

I’m asking because I’ll try to attract my crush at the beach this summer. We usually go to the same beach, so the only thing I have to do, is show him without talking to him, that I’d like him to approach me.

Any ideas? Personal experiences?