Alright ladies!! I went into docs office last week, and he said that on July 23rd, I’ll come back and we’ll be able to find out gender. Now, by then I’ll be 16weeks and 5 days along. If the doc himself said we’ll find out, should I doubt it? We’re wanting to do a gender reveal that Sunday and need to let some people know before it gets too late. I just don’t wanna pull in, get ultrasound and him actually say we can’t find out. But shouldn’t a doc be right when he says something like that?? I’m reallly excited to tell what this is. Praying for a little boy so other prayers for that would be wonderful and appreciated! I want a healthy babe over all, but y’all know how it is! 😉 here’s the ultrasound pics from 11weeks and 5 days! We and the OB saw “something” as it was moving around like CRAZY! But she said don’t get hopes up cause it could’ve been a swollen vagina. So what are yalls opinions? Mommas, let me know!