My period is late by 2 days . I am a Virgin. Me and my boyfriend attempted to have sex last week . I sat on the tip , with no condom on . (It didn’t go in) I was just rubbing it with my coochie, until I decided it was too big and it wouldn’t fit (before he ejaculated) . We tried to have missionary (with a condom) and it didn’t fit so we just left it alone (before he ejaculated) . Then I continued with just rubbing it again my coochie (after he ejaculated). He promised he didn’t ejaculate during any of those times . He ended up ejaculating wayyy after and then proceeded to finger me , I told him to wipe his hands first and he did . But now my period is late and I can’t help but think I’m going to end up like Jane the Virgin🤦🏾‍♀️. Someone help me please . I didn’t have sex so can I be pregnant ?

Update: I got my perioddd!!