Was it stupid to break up over this?


So to give background to this I have moved country for University and am going into my final year. We have been together since the start of uni and he has graduated.

Two weeks ago I asked him if I was wasting my time being with him. As I’m going to look for jobs and look for places to live and I wanted to know if he felt strongly enough about me that I should take him into consideration. I absolutely adore him and would do that but wanted to know if I did that that he wouldn’t just up and leave.

He said that’s something that he couldn’t really tell me as he doesn’t know what he’s goi g to to doing in the future. So I said ok I’m not asking for much of a commitment I just want to know if we’re serious? I know that whatever I’m doing in the next few years I would want him to be a part of that -granted the situation may change but Rn the way things had been going I wanted him there. He couldn’t give me an answer. Still said he didn’t know what his future was like.

So I obviously got quite upset thinking that he doesn’t want any sort of future with me. And he’s asked why can’t I just see what happens and that we may never progress to anything more.

So I decided that I can’t be with someone that can’t tell me that they want me in their life.

But was that a smart decision?! Rn I’m crying in my bed and that’s my plan for the next while. All I want to do is call and say that I just want to be with him and don’t care that we (in his own words) aren’t long term.