Feeling off


Does anyone else sometimes feel as if their husband doesnt prioritize correctly?

I may just be having an off day and complaining, but today we woke up with baby at 9. Baby slept longer than usual. Hubby left to go make a bottle while I'm upstairs with hungry baby and leaking everywhere (we are trying to get him to takebottles to prepare for daycare). Takes him 15 minutes to make a bottle while I'm struggling.

While he feeds baby I start to pump. Naturally I'm only half done with pumping when baby finishes eating, and hubby is already saying hes going to get dressed to go to the gym.

I finish pumping and he goes out the door as soon as I'm done. Was at the gym for 2 hours while I did dishes and held baby through a nap (wont nap unless we hold him). Then he made a protein shake and showered for 45 minutes while I continue to hold baby until he wakes up, and change his diaper. Haven't even gotten a chance to put pants on.

I just feel like I'm not getting any help until halfway through the day.

I've gone to work out in the evening and he calls me to come home halfway through my workout because the baby is crying.

We are both off work for the Summer. I'm on maternity and he's a teacher.