Is it weird to want to know if I’m ovulating at a young age?

I previously got pregnant and lost the baby. My heart broke. I didn’t plan the pregnancy but I was excited and pretty ready. I am 16 years old and I have a high school diploma. I am going to college in January and ever since I lost my child I have just wanted to get my body under control. I am worried I am no longer ovulating. A doctor previously told me I have PCOS and it kind of scares me. I want to know when I’m ovulating and when I’m not and when I should have my periods and what is normal but I’m a little nervous to ask my doctor. I know I’m young but I feel like this is something that has been bothering me. I just don’t want my doctor thinking I’m trying to conceive now because I feel like I would be judged. I have my own place of living and am emancipated and pretty well off in life. If I’m trying to conceive is that a bad thing seeing as my age? And how should I talk to my doctor? Is what I am feeling normal? I’m posting for advice.