Migraines that result from birth control


Hello ladies , I was on the pill for about 9 years. I started getting migraines in the recent years .... My OBG told me that Birth control supposed to help migraines so he prescribed naproxen.... That didn’t help so during my physical , I told my primary care & he prescribes actual migraine medicine ... Eventually that stopped working & I started getting auras before the migraine .... Well I am in nursing school , I ran out of birth control so I went to the nurse practitioner on campus. While waiting I picked up a pamphlet about migraines & birth control.... I told the nurse practitioner and she told me she did not want to fill my prescription because it sounded like my migraines were getting worst and that it can result in a stroke .. I stopped birth control for about 10 months and the migraines went away ... I graduate nursing school May 2020 & I don’t even want to risk the chance of getting pregnant so during my annual I told my office what was going on about birth control . They recommended the NuvaRing... & here I am one month in BOOM migraines are back. I want to finish out this cycle which ends Sunday , but my head is pounding & it makes me want just snatch it out.

Side note: My migraines come during PMS , stay for days sometimes almost two weeks , & medicine does not work .