Last year vs this year! 🐶👶🏼❤️


Last year after battling with TTC, my boyfriend bought me my son, the little man that I saved from an abusive owner. My mental health was at rock bottom at this time, mostly because I didn’t think I’d ever be a mummy.

He taught me that he doesn’t have to be a human to make me a mummy, I’m this boys mum, I feed him, I cuddle him, I clean up after him, I bathe him, I even tuck him into bed every night and kiss his little nose. He saved me, just as much as I saved him. Here he is this morning, it’s his first anniversary, his “gotcha day” he’s been here a whole year!🐶💙

Except this year, this morning was a little different, last year I was busy getting my house prepared to be puppyfied. This morning, I was getting myself ready to go and see my baby on screen for the first time! After TTC for so long, I was convinced something was going to be wrong. As we left the house, I kissed my boy good bye and told him mummy would be home soon, he got in his bed as he always does and waits for me to tuck him in his blanket & off we went to the hospital, totally fearing the worst, my anxiety was through the roof😩

But everything went amazing, I’m 9+2 weeks pregnant with my little miracle who has a strong heartbeat! I’m finally a human mummy, I have everything I ever dreamed off. The best little doggo & now I’m pregnant with our first baby!👶🏼❤️

I can’t wait to see my doggo baby & my human baby grow up to be the best of friends💙

Mummy loves you both so much❤️❤️