Immunity & FF



My friend’s 17m old has been hospitalised due to pneumonia & has to be warded for at least a week. This baby was on Formula Feed (FF/FM) from 4m age & now the Mom is depressed due to guilt that pneumonia is due to not feeding BM to her child & she won’t go to the hospital to take care of the child (says she can’t face the child due to guilt). While the attending Paed suggests that the mom be near the child for speedy recovery he also agrees that giving FM instead of BM has indeed caused a serious pneumonia since the child has no immunity. While I feel so bad for the child& mom (ppl have brainwashed her to an extent that she did a blunder that she is now depressed)

- I myself a mom of 14m old who has been FF, am worried too if the above about immunity & FF could be true ?

- pneumonia due to FF ? Don’t BF babies ever get pneumonia/ fall sick?

- if this true , what should I do to increase my child’s immunity? Or what special should I be doing to my child?

- what’s all this ppl gng gaga abt BF always? How old shld the baby be for all this to stop? I know we need to ignore all these but isn’t there a limit ?

Would be good if there are any experts out here Doctors / people with knowledge in immunology answer this/ anyone with personal experience - so I can show it to her & make her feel better (so it helps the child) .