help please!!!

my bf and i had sex on 7/3 (3% chance of pregnancy- glow), i was ovulating on 6/28, i’m supposed to get my period on 7/12. we used a condom but it broke in the middle of the act so he hadn’t ejaculated yet, however there could’ve been pre ejaculate. we noticed as soon as the condom broke and replaced it. today (7/8) i thought i might’ve gotten my period early because that’s what it seemed like, however the flow wasn’t as heavy as normal and i’m scared it’s implantation bleeding. my boobs are sore and i was feeling nauseous and had a headache on 7/5 all day. i’m scared i’m pregnant, what’re the odds of me being pregnant??

update: the bleeding/ spotting only lasted a few hours at most. do you think it was spotting or implantation bleeding?

UPDATE: still no period