Would you move?

I live in California and we have had 2 big earthquake in the past week. There has been a lot of talk of “the big one” the big one is the certain mega earthquake that is long over due from the San Andreas fault line, it’s 99% sure we will get a devastating mega earthquake within the next 30 years and expected it will be with in 10 years. So the thing is I live on top of this fault line it actually runs through my property. I’ve been doing a lot of research. experts predict where I live is part of the 200 mile stretch the earthquake will erupt from and will receive the greatest intensity of the earthquake. It’s expected 1000s of people will die. And the earthquake could be around 8.4. So I’m not going to lie I am scared shitless and I want to move but my husband doesn’t want to. Would you move?

Just so you know I didn’t know the fault line ran through our property until recently they didn’t put that in the home listing.