Sleeping on the couch.

I have to bide my time as much as possible. When we first got together, things were great, we were happy, all was well. While shocked I got pregnant so fast, we were both ecstatic! Or so he had me believe.

I don't know why I thought he'd get better or why I thought it was just the alcohol, but I had hoped I'd have a little family despite everything.

Yet even though hes the one who inflicted the wounds, he's done nothing to show hes really sorry, he treats me like I should be grateful hes with me, and he acts like hes the best thing ever even though people can see otherwise.

Why am I sleeping on the couch? Because he was fired from his job for the 2 felonies he now has. He was working over night. He came home in the morning, woke me up with the bad news KNOWING I barely slept the night before, then he crashed for 9 hours. When I went to bed he came with.

Im nearing the end of the pregnancy. My back and ribs hurt a great deal. I have a hard time getting comfortable. Of course he knows this. But he takes up the whole bed leaving me next to no room to move or be comfortable and if I wake him to say something, he gets upset and calls Me selfish.

Hes in bed passed out. Im on the couch, in pain, tired, and exhausted.

I am planning to leave, no question about it. The only reason why I haven't is because I don't have my own car anymore and I need it to run my business. I've been so sick and on bed rest, I've not been able to work.

I can't wait to get away... I deserve a better life and so does my child.

I really posted this just to get my head clear so I can get it down.

Thanks for reading if you did xx