It's getting really old... 😒 edited**

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I get some friends have had their first kid before me.... I get you've experienced things.

I've been dealing with insomnia and have posted a few times on Snapchat about it.

How many times am I going to get a message about it saying "just wait till the baby comes"

"Better get used to it" ect ...... yes!!!! We all know you don't get sleep with a newborn. Omg... just because this will be my first doesn't mean I don't know what to expect, that I don't know what comes with a newborn. 🙄

Has this happened to anyone else who's going to be a FTM? Unwanted advice is getting so old and annoying.

Edit*** I've been dealing with my older sister who "knows everything", she's that kind of person who really honestly things she knows everything , been everywhere, done everything.

Constantly giving me advice telling me what to do what not to do. I have never asked her for any advice. The whole "don't bother with that, because I didn't use it" 😒