Wish us luck!


So this is the last month we can ttc until February without it affecting our plans for next year, we have booked an amazing all inclusive expensive holiday for 2 weeks as something to look forward to after a M/C 10 months ago.

We desperately want to have a baby but realistically can not afford to lose any money changing this holiday as it’s already very expensive! So we are trying to work things around it.

I also suffer from BPD and take medication for this, I have gained weight and I am 30 years old so odds aren’t the best they could be.

We are really going for it this month, opks, bbt, tracking cm, tracking cervical position, using preseed, prenatal vitamins, avoiding smoking and alcohol, bd ever second day and as much as possible right now as it’s coming up to ovulation time.

So wish us luck, if there’s anything else we can do please let us know and good luck to everyone else!