So my midwife just prescribed me zoloft to help with my depression and to be proactive when it comes to PPD. This is my first time being placed on medication as I have avoided medication for the past 15 years because therapy has always worked. Unfortunately at this moment between work and home life I haven't been able to make an appointment with a therapist. My concern is how this will affect the baby. My midwife said a low dose of zoloft is perfectly fine and all the moms that get prescribed it are beyond thankful. But then I gave into temptation and looked it up on google. Everything I have read said it could affect the birth and cause the baby to be jittery, have feeding issues and respiratory issues up to 1 month after birth if I start taking it in the last trimester. Mental health is extremely important, but I don't want to risk my baby's health. Any moms on antidepressants have any experience or input?