Would you still go around your father?

Okay long story short, I didn’t see my dad much when I was in single digits because I lived across the state. I wouldn’t stay the night by myself with him because we weren’t close. My mom stayed with me

When I was about 10, my dad had a girlfriend who stayed over sometimes. He was a trucker, and he was gone during the week. Me and my mom got to my dads house on a Thursday because he would be getting there on Friday evening. My dad told my mom his girlfriend wasn’t going to be there when we got there. She was

When my dad got home my mom asked why she had to be there when my dad wasn’t here. They had only been dating for around a month. They got into an argument and once again, long story short, his girlfriend slapped my mom and he pinned her against the wall with his hands around her neck. She kicked him and he let go.

Everyone knows him a around my town. If I tell someones parents he is my dad, they automatically trust me. But I always think of that day

Now I’m 16 and I always see abusive relationships on this app. I still see my dad, he is married to someone else and my mom doesn’t come. Everything is fine but I feel bad. I hate that my dad did that to my mom. Would you cut him off or still see him?