Catfished by boyfriend and I’m pregnant

Julie • Expecting a little Boy!🥰😍 Braxston Asher💙💙

I met my boyfriend 5 months ago and we have been together practically every night since we got together. 2 days ago I found out I was pregnant, I told my boyfriend yesterday. He told me today he didn’t want another kid and just wanted nothing to do with me or our kid and that he was moving back to Florida. So I went on Facebook to search for his best friend because something wasn’t adding up and I was suspicious. Come to find out my Boyfriend Josh wasn’t actually Josh. His name is Justin and he is married with 2 kids. Now I knew about the kids, but he always said how him and the baby mom never got along and always fighting and haven’t been together in a year. Well joke is on me because they are “Happily Married”. I feel so disgusting and stupid for believing anything he ever said to me. I wanna do the right thing and tell the wife because I feel like I would want to know but how do I do that too those other two kids. I’m at a loss on what to do. I am not a home wrecker and he made me be one. Why couldn’t I have seen this sooner and or smarter. I pick winners that’s for sure. Any advice or what you would do would be appreciated. 😬😭😔