Cloth diapering tips and advice

Nichole • 💍💙👼🏻💙💜

Any cloth diapering mamas wanna help me out? I’m due with my 3rd baby in 2 months and I expressed an interest in cloth diapering this time around and ended up getting a pack of diapers and a bunch of inserts for my shower. Now I have a bunch of questions haha.....

•How many diapers and inserts do you need to start out with? I think I have 8 diapers and 30 inserts. I’ll probably start out using half cloth, half disposable until I get the hang of it, but I imagine I’ll need more than 8.

•What do you do with the poopy diapers? Flush the poo obviously, but do you store the diapers and then wash at the end of the day? How do you store them?

•What’s your favorite brand? I received Alva Baby diapers and their bamboo inserts. I saw they have good reviews on amazon, so I’m happy. But I’d like to know what the experienced mamas use.

Thank you! ❤️