Fibroid on top of uterus !?


I recently learned I have one fibroid on the top left side of my uterus, not inside which is good, but still the size of a golf ball. My doctor told me it most likely will shrink after my miscarriage (oh yea, just had one of those... but I was told it more than likely had nothing to do with the fibroid). But I’m worried and this fibroid is all I can think about. Most of what I read online points to fibroids not being that big a deal as long as not growing in the uterus and blocking a growing fetus. Anyone have experiences with fibroids? I am 34, trying to conceive, got pregnant after a few months trying but ended in MC at 8 weeks, but going to start trying again ASAP. Fibroid was detected in one of my ultrasounds. Any help, similar experiences, or words of comfort will be much appreciated.