Child support

I will be having my baby at the end of the month. BD and i have talked about childsupport and agreed on 150 a week or so depends sometimes more or less dependeds on his paycheck.

Now all the sudden he doesnt want to give me money he said just call me when you need something for the baby. I even said if you think 150 is alot ok we can lower that i have no problem with that but i do prefer the money. And hes like well its not like youll need much since you will be breast feeding i can take care of the diapers and wipes and you just let me know if you need anything else.


I recently. Moved back in with my parents since we split up 2months ago.

Im not working anymore and i dont have paid maternity leave. All of my saving went towards buying everything we needed for the baby. Im completely broke no income i dont help my parents with any money so that money he would give would help me save up because once shes 2months i plan on going back to work and getting a studio apartment for us.

How should i do?

Do i tell him that that money would help me also?