Baby issues :(


I am 33weeks. My belly is only measuring 30weeks. Had an ultrasound today and baby is 4 weeks behind. I am now on bedrest (which seems impossible with 4 other kids and their activities) i have a NST every week now plus weekly ultrasounds and ob apt right after. Now its a waiting game week by week on if the dr decides its time to take her. I also just had labs drawn to test for preeclampsia and have to do a 24hr urine test. Fingers crossed all goes well and baby continues to grow! Baby is weighing inly 2.5 lbs.

My husband and i are trying to figure out how with all the kids activities and him working 12+ hrs a day we are gonna be able to get everything done and everyone where they need to be.

Part of Miss Jami's face.

Her waving