Birth Story


I know, I know. I’m 3 months late but here’s my birth story. 🤣

I had a routine obgyn visit on a Friday. Wasn’t feeling well the Monday before (exhausted, swelling) so I decided to start my maternity leave and reschedule my appt to that Wednesday. When I went to that appt on Wednesday I was a day over my due date. They called me back for my appt and the midwife had trouble finding my baby’s heartbeat. I’ve never had an issue at any of my prior appts. She eventually found it and said “you might be having this baby today.” I looked at my husband, scared, and she said his heart beat was in the mid 90’s. Usually it was in the 140’s. They took me for an emergency sonogram where they found baby was fine but wanted to send me to the hospital for monitoring. So, to the hospital we went and I was terrified. I checked in at 10 am they monitored me until 12pm then said they could send me home or they could induce me. I opted for the induction bc if my baby’s heart rate were to drop again when I got home, how would I know? So they started inducing me at 12pm, my water broke at 9pm. I received my epidural at about 10am when I was 2cm. Started pushing at 2:30pm and my boy arrived at 3:34pm 🥰 I thought all my worrying was over once he came out, but he wasn’t crying. The midwife laid him on me for about 2 seconds and then took him away. I asked why wasn’t he crying and they didn’t answer me. What felt like an eternity later, I heard my little boy cry. His umbilical cord was around his neck & thigh. I am so grateful I decided to call & reschedule my appt from that Friday to the Wednesday. If I wouldn’t have, who knows if my little boy would even be here. ❤️ he’ll be 3 months on the 18th!